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“It is possible to imagine your way to success and happiness as a road of a particular direction. To get to your destination on time, you have to determine the aim in advance, find out the address.

It is important to be aware of your real qualities and talents, to know what sort of a driver you are. One needs to take into consideration the features and capabilities of the vehicle as well. Then, all this should be joined with the given task and aim. And most certainly, it is important to know the traffic rules and to follow the safety recommendations on any road.”

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I am a certified consultant practicing the multiples analysis of humans, correction and formation of life events.

I know, what the result is and what it depends on. I am sure that only professional cooperation, not copying, trial of free or mass content provides actual freedom and creative self expression. Only individual and exclusive solutions, not template recommendations and general techniques, help to achieve the actual satisfaction in business and personal life.

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I planned to study astronomy. I was a good student, but the general education system bored me. I early realized that popular well trodden ways were not for me. I knew, I’ll find my authentic way.

At 15 (in 1986), I ventured the bravest of acts, I quit middle school with a focus on Math and moved to another town for studies. I chose Art.

I was designing interiors from 1998 to 2004, studied Feng Shui, biolocation. In 1999, during my first interview to “Kauno diena” and “Laikinоji sostinė” (Lithuania), I talked about my discoveries in this field, about the space that activates and invokes sensations, about the five sensory organs and their influence on our health and harmony in life.

In 2004 I changed my line of studies and professional activities and dived into Psychology, and still keep gaining new knowledge, scientific expertise and experience by taking courses at different schools in various foreign countries. I am actively interested in and practice in genetic memory, subconscious resources, devote a great deal of attention to brain potential, cause-and-effect relationships.

Working with people of different origin and mentality is a great advantage, it ensures gaining valuable experience. Check out  praise.

Active studying, constant trips introduced changes to my activities. In 2009, I began working online, offering counselling via Skype and looking into implementing business ideas on the Internet.

From 2009 to 2016 I was in public educational activities: I enrolled free webinars, online and offline workshops, wrote tons of newsletters with practical recommendations, and provided free e-books and consultations to my followers.

From 2010 to 2014 I published my articles in my blog ijcabinet.com,  from 2014 to 2016 – on my FB page and “Youtube” channel “Savor and engage your life (Ilma Safronova)”.

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Some people prefer to buy houses, apartments, others – cars, clothes, someone having fun while traveling.

Since 1991 I invest my time, finances, efforts in my lifelong learning, education. My passion, my talent and my wealth is in my knowledge. That’s no metaphor, since only in the past 10 years, a six-digit sum of money has been invested into various studies, and practice comprises no less than 6 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I am a responsible person when it comes to my job. I test all the gained knowledge for one to two years before offering paid services, I conduct free of charge group studies and consultations. Working with people of different origin and mentality is a great advantage, it ensures gaining valuable experience. Check out  praise.

I have a great sense of direction in the world of studies, techniques, ideas, and tendencies. Personally, I am only interested in exclusive and avant-garde things. Any way it’s easy to communicate with me, I know, how to explain about the complex, global issues in a simple and understandable way. I study, work, write articles in english, russian and lithuanian.

Inspiration, efficient ideas, breakthroughs in business and personal life, more events of higher quality, and different pleasant surprises are just a few things that you can count on when communicating with me.

I’ve been married for 27 years. We’ve been blessed with two wonderful sons. Probably, you understand, that there is nothing human alien to me, I am well aware of the family life – I know all ups and downs of it, so, my recommendations are tested and  really helpful.

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I’m totally obsessed with music, dance and coffee!

Enjoy long distance walking. Listen to my favorite soundtrack’ s. I relax, when I watch movies, TV shows, like an impressive science fiction, fantasy, comics and detective, that amazed me by its twist endings.