You can work with me, if you are…

  • Author/organizer of seminars, training programs and creative projects.
  • Psychologist, coaching specialist, personal development consultant.
  • Beauty and wellness therapist, yoga/fitness teacher.
  • Stylist, image makers, designer.
  • Creative, writer, blogger…

If you…

  • Dream of your own successful project, that reflects your real natural and expert identity.
  • Want to learn, how to achieve success by helping people without wasting your time, health and money.
  • Really driven by results.


If you’re ready to invest to yourself, to your business, I can help you…


  • To find your personal and professional uniqueness.


  • To  develop and implement your creative/business project, to create your presentations, courses, training programs, seminars, webinars, website, social media pages, according to your goals and an individual success and personal safety algorithms ©.


  • To define and understand yourself, provide your personal roles, natural talents and resources; you will find the answers to such questions as: why certain things are happening to you, why the dreams you have are not coming true, what the meanings of the dreams you see in your mindscapes are, why certain things do happen to you and why they happen at a particular moment in time.


  • To get  effective tools for remodeling and formation of life events and self-independent maintenance of luck.


You will know, how…

  • To create your own brand and increase your income doing, what you love.
  • To harmonize self-expression in your business and personal relationships, find harmony in work and family.
  • To have enough energy and time to do everything you want, to live long and happy life.


My services are distinctive for their practical approach. Everything that I present and share with others is based on real-life experiences and examples.

The main result is more life events and significant increase in quality compared to the time before consultations. Objective, relevant, stable, long-term, predictable and repeatable, not random, results.

This is a completely new level and it is within your reach. It is your choice whether to strive towards it or not.

Believe me, it’s not as tricky as you think. Check out  Praise.





Consultations are available in english, russian and lithuanian via Skype.

Your investment for 1 : 1 session – 150 eur.