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Hi, I’m Ilma Safronova. When people ask me, what I do for a living, I tell them: “I help active, positive people to express their true identity through business, to create thankful audience or find more clients, to achieve success in effective and ecological way.


I love to work with people, who inspire me. If you are…

: psychologist, coaching specialist, personal development consultant,

: author/organizer of seminars, training programs and creative projects;

: PR expert, image maker;

: beauty/health therapist, creative;

: entrepreneur…

…You have a juicy idea and want to transform it to a creative or business project –  you’re welcome!

I live in Norway, work around the world (online).  Here  are some facts about my professional life and me.



If you have some questions or any suggestions, want to share your insights, testimonials, discuss any opportunities, please, contact me via  e-mail. I love emails and I will respond to you within few days.