nice to meet you

I am Ilma Safronova

I’m a certified expert practicing the multiples analysis, correction and formation of humans, life events, living space and workspace. I have been working since 1997.

I have over 10,000 hours of experience and a long list of client victories. Working with people of different origin and mentality is a great advantage, it ensures gaining valuable experience.

my exclusivity -my clients from all over the world

The main result: more events and their better quality than before our consultations


Art:  jeweler and decoration

Cosmetology:  cosmetologist  

Psychology of creativity:  psychologist 


I have always been attracted to unique innovative methods and spiritual knowledge.



I am actively interested in and practice information transfer from the subtle existential planes to the real world, human brain energetic-information technology, genetic memory, subconscious resources, images, cause-and-effect relationships

I’ve worked with such complex problems as physical and psychological abuse, suicide, mental disorders, harmful habits/addictions, pathological failures, personal and business relationships harmonization.

It’s easy to communicate with me, I know, how to explain about the complex, global issues in a simple and understandable way.



In 2009 I start working online. 

want to work with me?

If you need significant changes and long-term results in a particular area of life, choose a thematic program.

If you do not know what you want, where to start, or you have a specific question, then order an individual consultation.

it’s time to live

Stop waiting, postponing, hiding. If you’re willing to ask for what you want…
Doors open. Lives change.