Andrey Golubev, entrepreneur, logistics (Canada)

I contacted Ilma with questions about my health. I was overweight and felt constant fatigue along with lack of energy. I wanted to learn the reasons to my problems for I believed to have paid sufficient attention to them and attempted to find solutions by myself, yet, I was met with failure. However, the first consultation with Ilma brought me the answers to all my “whys” and cleared up the underlying causes of my troubles. I immediately felt better. More than that, I was relieved. At the same time, I received useful and work-related financial recommendations.

Anna Larsen (Sweden)

I had several concerns at one time: relocation, work and language (for communicating with foreigners). For a long time I had been unable to solve the issue of my domicile. I was plagued by seemingly never ending problems related to my professional activities. The consultation gave my all the answers why such things were happening to me and how to resolve my situation.

The ‘knot’ seemed to unfold by itself: before long, I received an unexpected, yet, most favorable offer for accommodation. Soon after, I received two new employment opportunities (with better working conditions and higher salary) at the same time. If not for these consultations, I would most probably have panicked for days, remained overstressed and made all the wrong conclusions, consequently leading to a misguided decision. The direction of self-analysis that the consultations led me through was simply previously unknown and inaccessible to me.

I received detailed explanations/ instructions on how to communicate with foreigners with no proficient language skills along with practical recommendations. Everything seemed so unanticipated and singular, yet, it truly worked. I am most glad to have avoided so much unneeded anguish and misunderstandings. Thank you so much for your help!

Ausra (Norway)

I was interested in how to increase my income. The outcome was most satisfying as my financial situation got better before long. I received an unexpected monetary gift. I became more noticeable and received a lot of attention and support from surrounding people which continues to make me happy even now. Later on, I was concerned about changing my profession and finding a well paid job. I was unable to achieve any results on my own. Hence, I once more contacted Ilma for assistance and my wishes came true again.

The most interesting tidbit was that the help and knowledge gained during the consultations also affected the health of a very dear person to me, who was afflicted with a genetic disorder. Such a change was most unexpected. There were also other cardinal changes in my life that left me most happy. I am fully aware who is responsible for these changes. I had previously realized that no matter how much endeavor I put into trying to move forward, I was unable to leave that state of stagnation. And there, all of a sudden, a huge breakthrough (a new domicile, a new job with considerably higher income, new relationships, etc.) and all this seemingly with no input on my part. I am most content to have found and eliminated all the underlying causes to my problems. My life is full of new happenings and they are much more favorable than before. I feel as if I have returned to life and I have no idea how I have managed to get astray… I am keen on learning and further improving myself. Thank you, dear Ilma, for your assistance.

Bente Larsen (Norway)

I’m so grateful to fate that I met Ilma! Special thanks to my friend for the recommendation.

Hello, my new life! I cannot describe in other words the changes that have occurred to me. Satisfaction, rather than the usual stress in business, financial upswing, which is accompanied by a successful opening of a new branch in Copenhagen. I met an interesting man, we are dating, but no more words, I do not want to put devil’s eye on it. And I have no words to describe my thanks for the gone headache and autoimmune imbalance which tortured me for years and against which the doctors were powerless…

To be honest, I was expecting something familiar – the coaching or psychological advice, I do not even know what I expected, but the result exceeded all my expectations. I’m afraid that you can become addicted to such things. Dear, Ilma, love you, thank you and looking forward to our next meetings!

Dovile Zemguliene (Lithuania)

It is amazing that there are people like you, who make life more beautiful. I know that every time after Ilma‘s seminars/webinars, a joyful transformation will sequence.

Meeting with Ilma has given me so much experience and understanding that my gratitude simply does not fit in the word THANK YOU. In every situation of life moments from meeting and sounds of Ilma‘s words arise in my mind, a decision comes naturally and life becomes calmer and easier… I sincerely wish everyone to experience such enlightenment and the great miracle!

Thank you very much for giving me time. Your advice has inspired me to notice joy in everything. I will continue to love myself and life. Of course, I will need to work very hard with grievances, perhaps, I will need to work constantly. But sometimes you need an encouragement from environment.

I am an old “follower” of your posts. I don‘t even know how, but somehow, even at a distance you load me with very positive energy. A sincere thank you for being here and showing up in my life! I wish you an unfading energy and the best of luck.

Egle (Norway)

I contacted Ilma regarding health problems. After the consultations, my condition is constantly improving. The sharp pain I had always felt seems to have decreased significantly. I can now take care of my family and do all the household chores that I was unable to perform previously.

Life itself seemed to be alight in new colors for me and I underwent many changes for the better. In addition to my improved physical condition, my approach towards many things was also transformed. My thoughts changed and I stopped getting angry at myself or creating unrealistic scenarios in my own mind. I was overcome with peace and learned to regard many things in a simpler and less stressful way. I am glad to have managed to reduce the number of unrealistic and unachievable illusions and wishes. I feel more positive towards myself and others. My self-confidence keeps growing as does the love for myself. Consequently, my relationship with my family and relative improved. My life got all the more brighter and delightful. For all of this, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ilma.

Ilma, I am glad that I met such a great teacher. I will be grateful all my life for what I got from you during consultations and corrections, I say this honestly. Thank you for showing me the way.

Giedre Kaminskaite (Lithuania)

First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. All material is clearly presented and after you start reading everything seems so familiar and immediately you feel that “this is all about me”. All tasks and reflections caused very ambiguous emotions. On one hand, it looks like the desire to resist was opposing (you start thinking do you really need it, maybe I will better do it tomorrow or maybe things will occur naturally), but on the other – it is like a homework assignment, which, curiously, I want to do, and while sitting next to the task the time somehow discreetly disappears. It is interesting and complicated at the same time to go deeper into myself and among all the accumulated ideas to select what you really need, and to write it all down yet. It was always hard for me to express my thoughts on paper, so now it’s a real challenge.

Inga Jasiukaite (Italy)

I participated in Ilma‘s “online” course. It was concentrated theory and practice. The results were significant and tangible, I quit my job and decided to start my own business. Self-confidence is increasing, number of customers and orders is increasing every day, and the only concern now is how to get everything done on time. I attended many workshops previously, but the results have never been so obvious.

Inspired by such changes, I asked for individual work (counselling) with Ilma. During that time, my income has significantly increased, even though I get involved in the same job much less than before. I have noticed that I travel more often, more events occurred in my life, some kind of movement and “drive” have appeared, quality of relations and stuff around me is improving. I feel a change in attitude towards me, I get more attention, support and helpful suggestions. I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to get acquainted with Ilma, whose personality and work is associated with high professionalism, trust and concrete results. I could spend hours listening to you, thank you!

Inga, psychologist, coach (Lithuania)

My life sort of divided into “before” consultations and “after” them. Listening to Ilma feels as if she knew me from birth. My environment has completely changed and it happened very sustainable, without stress, self-pity, self-flagellation and accusations. I became popular in both the professional and social activities. My merits, achievements have become visible and encouraged, my ideas are supported with enthusiasm. I feel respect and attention from the others. It has become easier to communicate with my customers, knowledge received from Ilma has significantly changed my worldview and gave the keys to the knowledge of other people’s nature. My involvement in customers’ situations disappeared, I adequately respond to their comments, demands and claims. Activities began providing not only satisfaction, but also became financially successful. The company where I work has significantly raised my salary. They say appetite comes with eating – in private practice I took a risk to raise my service prices, and to my surprise it worked, and how long I was afraid and only dreamed of “how good it would be”. I stopped running around to various workshops, “improving myself” from morning till evening. After individual work with Ilma all this look only “water” to me. My plans have finally begun to materialize, the feeling of living process has come, although I always thought that I was living a full life. It is a strange feeling when you realize that it was only self-deception.

Personal relationships is a separate topic. First of all, I feel satisfaction that I started to know my son better, I am learning to communicate with him, to develop him according to his inherent characteristics and the results are amazing. I saw how my condition affects son’s feelings and behavior. Relationship with my husband became very close, valuable, now I understand his thoughts and behaviors, which help to avoid many conflicts and claims. I have noticed that I feel less need to spend time with friends, to express myself in social activities, “to realize myself”, “to look for myself”. My husband’s financial situation has also begun to improve, the revenue is increasing. Arhythmia, sleep disorder disappeared, my dreams are beautiful and calm. I feel significant changes in my thinking, now I notice things that previously I didn’t see. Sometimes I feel as if I have the gift of clairvoyance, my senses, anticipation, perception enhanced. It’s a little bit frightening… Concrete results are 100%. Consultant’s charisma and professionalism enchants. As a child would say – “when I grow up, I want to be like you.” Although I already know the answer to this day, but still I dare to hope that I will receive Ilma’s training. I sincerely wish you success and strength.

Yelena, bank vice-president (Russia)

I am deeply grateful for the consultations which astonishingly helped me gain self-confidence and trust in my own power. This is not some sort of a temporary suggestion trick. I can finally put trust in myself. Now I lead my life without leaning on anybody else or addressing them with requests and questions. I decide all household matters on my own and everything turns out so much better than before. Finally, I have felt the taste and power of self-sufficiency. I can live however I want and it gives me satisfaction to do so. Earlier, I was afraid of relaying only on myself, I did not know how to do it and was wary of failure. But now I feel as if I have ‘risen from my knees’, stood up and stretched out to my full height… I have felt the quality of life and the comfort of not relying upon others.

A huge THANK YOU goes to Ilma for her care, help and support in the most difficult time of my life!

Yelena Shcherbakova (Russia)

I have only the highest appraisal of Ilma and I recommend her consultations to everyone I know. Such high regard was brought on by the significant improvement of my physical health and emotional state of mind, the coming true of my wish and forecast of future events.

I contacted Ilma with several inquiries. I was stressed out and anxious about my future. I was afraid that when I reached the age of retirement, I would lack the financial resources to provide for my little daughter and bring her up properly. I was also concerned with property-related matters. For the longest time, I had been unable to sell my house and change my accommodation to a better one or to save up some money. I was plagued by stressed relationship with my husband and troubles at work where I was being deliberately undermined.

During the consultation, I felt a sudden change – my fears disappeared and were replaced by joyful calmness and belief in the future. Soon after, I sold my house and purchased a wonderful apartment which exceeded all my expectations and wishes. Unexpectedly, I received recognition at work for my accomplishments and was elected the best employee of the year. My salary was raised and I received a free trip to Paris. I could hardly believe my luck.

The consultations changed me as a person – I became calmer and started smiling more. I finally got a taste of true life while previously I had hit rock bottom and had wept throughout my entire first consultation. The woman in me rose up and I started paying more attention to myself. Consequently, my appearance underwent a complete transformation and I received compliments which felt wonderful as I had already forgotten what it was like to be appreciated.

Time and again, I review Ilma’s consultations in my mind and my notes. I have received and been given so much that I have yet to contemplate on everything and follow through all the recommendations. Thank you once again for your invaluable help!

Jolanta Dimsiene (Lithuania)

Thank you for your good energy. Thank you, Ilma, for your gifts. I’m always surprised and very pleased.

Jurgita Pauliukaite (Lithuania)

I like your philosophy, thoughts, presentation of truth and openness. It is very similar to my life, a lot of information, books, seminars… You try to select, test and apply, and sometimes you get results, but sometime you fall even lower. After reading your articles and shared thoughts, I realized that I have found it: I will get the answers and results by working and putting effort, not only promises. Thank you for your experience and knowledge.

The consultation was very purposeful. I was left dazzled. When you see yourself in the conversation, your actions and reactions to certain things… For the first time I have accepted myself with consciousness and love. Peace of mind, clarity and desire to go the way of consciousness have come. I will continue it further. Thank you. You mean a whole, harmony, fullness and prosperity to me.

Jurgita  (Norway)


I am greatly satisfied with the consultations and the knowledge I had gained from seminars. I am happy to have finally eradicated the fears that have suppressed me for four years (these fears were related to my daughter). I feel calm, balanced, lightweight and free. This is not a temporary effect. A few consultations was all it took for me to realize that I had stopped reacting to the four-year-long issues. I had ceased thinking of it at all as if someone had deleted this information from my memory, as if it had never happened and was not my concern at all. I remember pondering at one time, “What was I thinking of? I could have contacted her with some other more important concern”. In other words, my fears vanished ‘somewhere’ without so much as a trace. I was also overjoyed by a ‘side-effect’ of my consultations – my husband quit smoking.

Later, I had questions regarding improvement of my financial situation and I also wished to change my job. At that time, I suddenly received a monetary gift and before long I had a new job with better working conditions. I managed to rediscover myself and to rebuff the plans and wishes pushed upon me by others. I stopped comparing myself to others or trying to be like them. Yet, the most unexpected was the coming true of my deepest wish. For my entire life, I have dreamed of working in a laboratory and was finally gifted with such a possibility. It was simply unbelievable! I even got slightly scared for everything was turning out to be so perfect that it was most unusual, especially because I had hardly done anything special to achieve it.

Thanks to Ilma, I have learned many things, a lot of things. I have always respected and still respect her work, I am very pleased that information is always updated, this is a presentation of new things or a reminder of old things. I can only welcome the initiative and thank you for blowing wind of consciousness in my life. Thank you.

Klara Duysengaliyeva, entrepreneur, public figure (Kazakhstan)

I am most content with the consultations and I am certainly going to recommend them to others. I was very impressed with the honesty, responsibility, reliability and detailed analysis skills of my consultant. Those several consultations via Skype completely changed my attitude towards life events and helped me see things from a different angle.

The matter regarding which I contacted Ilma was related to property and business. For long time, I have been troubled by never ending and repeated unpleasant events. Nothing I did helped me resolve the situation. I was on the brink thinking there was no hope left. Yet, the very first consultation finally gave me the answer to what was influencing my misfortunes and what the underlying reasons for such bad luck were. A week later, I had already had the exclusive opportunity to talk about my personal concerns to the most influential man in the country – the president.

Lisa Sjoberg (Sweden)

I’m very satisfied with the consultation. Although it’s almost a year, I still do not believe that this is possible. Finally I have managed to remove fears from my life that suppressed me for many years. Peace, inner balance, lightness, a feeling of freedom appeared. My sleep, blood pressure, body weight have normalized, I do not use any medications now. I feel great, fatigue and irritability have gone and it was not temporary. At the same time I got a new job with better conditions than it was before. It looks as if suddenly the whole quality of life has improved, I started noticing that many nice and unexpected things happen in my life.

I had problems with the children, their mutual relations, and the relationship with their father. I can admit that I went to psychologist many times, I took an active interest in the topic of parenting advice, but many things not only persisted, but also complicated, it became even worse. Guilt against children and hopelessness pressured me. I expressed claims to myself, to my husband. Now I am learning to recognize them, my loved ones and myself according to knowledge acquired from Ilma. I understand how to communicate, how to accept everyone, after all, we are all different. We became closer with my husband, we have a better connection, intimacy, I stopped feeling the need to seek sympathy and support at friends, to get wisdom from the ladies’ magazines and books. The clarity has appeared. I enjoy every day, because conflicts, quarrel and claims have ended. Of course, many things still happen, but I already have a strong support, I have someone to rely on.

Thanks to Ilma that I have learned a lot of things. I must admit that a lot of things hardly play out of my world view, but with Ilma‘s assistance, support and evidence provided by the life itself, I am going unhesitatingly. My greatest respect and gratitude goes to Ilma.

Loreta Budriene (Lithuania)

I am extremely thankful to Ilma for an interesting experience, impressions, which at the beginning caused tension to me, because everything was new, unexpected and at the same time very effective. It seems to me that I know quite a lot, I am interested in a lot of things, but what I got out from consultation were a nil so far.

I had to ask the question that is related to my career and financial situation. I have finally implement my project, of which I had only dreamed, a new activity has appeared which was reluctant for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of new events, contacts, appearing in my life during the consultation process and thereafter. I mostly adore their quality. On most issues, there was a breakthrough in consciousness, my thoughts and attitude have changed, I feel it the most when dealing with others, especially with the people I know, I see significant changes in myself. The work was very fruitful. Ilma brings much more than you expect. I love Ilma’s articales and always looking forward for a new posts, she has plenty of ideas and perfect sense of humor. I’m glad I met her.

Marianne Sorensen, market manager (Norway)

I was literally blown away by the fact that the consultations required me to do nothing else but sit at my computer (the consultations were given via Skype) and reply to the questions of my consultant while everything else was settling on their own accord. I kept thinking – how was this possible?! It was hardly believable and a completely new experience to me. I had no idea it was possible.

I contacted Ilma regarding my wish to purchase real estate in the suburbs asking her why I was failing for so long. I was tired of thinking of these problems of mine. I had never expected for everything to turn the way they did during the consultations. It was as if something changed me and even my aspirations. I am happy to have discovered what influenced my wish and whence it came on time.

The consultations helped me realize that I had little skill in planning and seeking my goals or executing those plans. I also lacked discipline and the sense of responsibility, even though my ambitions were huge. I became more responsible and started paying the bills in a timely manner as well as reducing my expenses (my weakest spot). Along with the discovery of the causes of my misfortunes, my wish to buy a house in the suburbs simply vanished as I realized it was someone else’s dream that I had taken as my own.

Soon after, I purchased a car I had long dreamed of and, most importantly, I did without any loans, credits or losses or damage to my savings. I sold my old car to an insurance company after an accident at a very appealing price. The insurance company covered all the damages of the accident and proposed a favorable deal for buying the car. I could have never dreamed of such a thing happening for at that time my insurance was no longer valid! It was pure miracle!

Migle Kretsetiene (UK)

Thank you very much! Not only for the webinar recording, but also for the knowledge, optimism, great instructions on how to create the life you desire. Now I only have to start doing it. Thank you for interesting information and useful practical tasks. I have done it, it is really valuable to analyse what I do for my desires and where I am at this moment. Thank you for the opportunity to grow up with your help. I would be very pleased to get more advices or shortcuts.

I am very grateful for the gift – an answer to a personal question, which was really detailed, showing the roots of the problem and giving the directions on how to deal with the situation.

Neringa Paukstyte-Simonavice (Lithuania)

I’m the one of Ilma’s fans. I like the way she’s working, her information is very specific, interesting and useful. I stopped to visit a lot of seminars, reading “smart” books, because I didn’t get any results. I want to visit more Ilma’s webinars / seminars in the future. Thanks a lot.

Liudmyla Verkhozina (Russia)

I contacted Ilma regarding my relationship with my son. I am most glad that Ilma kept in contact with me in between the consultations after which I felt continuous care and concern. I wished very hard to be able to do something all by myself and achieve something independently. Whenever I received a message or a letter from Ilma, it seemed as if my thinking processes would become more active and the answers seemed to come to me ‘on their own’. I know and understand where all of this is coming from and I am forever grateful.

Sigita Zitkiene (Lithuania)

Thank you for interesting material and specific practices during the course. It really works! You just have to work. Thank you for the second part of material from the course. I can truly tell that I did not expect a turn like this in this “money” theme. THANK YOU for SUCH information. I have never read anything like this in the literature about making money and financial freedom. During the course I even got a “bonus” for the courage (for active participation and feedback) – an article and practice of self-realization.

Thank you for your answer and interpretation of my described situation. The answer is very accurate and precise. In the response you submitted the recipe, which would help to solve the question and which direction to move.

The style of your writing is very nice, you express your thoughts very smoothly. I am thankful for the knowledge that you share and for precise, concentrated articles. I find answers in what you write. Answers, perceptions are not always pleasant, they mostly put a finger where it hurts. Thank you that you write, disseminate awareness-raising experience. I am glad that I met you. It is only a short time yet, since spring only. But when I found you, many things have lost its attraction. Your specificity and accuracy amend many things in their places. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tatyana Veynberg, lawyer (Russia)

I can give only the best evaluation. I have also recommended my consultant to a close friend. My high regard was heavily influenced by the honest interest of my consultant in me and my problems. I have always (during and in between the consultations) felt her care and support. After the consultations I received a lot of additional recommendations and information on the matter. I noticed that all consultations were given in a timely manner which was a very important ‘technicality’ for me. My consultant focused on the deeper analysis of the matter at hand and consistent work. During the entire process, I have always had this feeling: “I am taken care of!”

The matter that I wished to discuss was related the relationship between man and woman. I realized that I was ‘stuck’ at some sort of a detrimental level and I could not accomplish anything. During the consultations I came to understand and admit that I needed this and started working on it. My condition and feelings changed instantly. I found lots of time for my personal life. I rediscovered the joy of life which manifested in radical changes in my fashion style. I felt the attention of my friends and family. I met a man. This connection allowed me to understand what I needed and what I was looking for in a relationship. The main stereotype that I managed to eliminate was the idea that the solution of this problem required attention and time. I used to think that everything should resolve itself on its own accord or, if to be more precise, I did not think of it at all. Later, I contacted my consultant again regarding my health (cancer). I wish to once again extend my deepest gratitude for her help, support and participation in my life! I will always remember this. Thank you!

Terje, entrepreneur, building site and real estate (Norway)

I contacted the consultant with two matters at the same time – business and real estate purchase. Lately, I had lost satisfaction in what I did. I started frequently pondering about it which led to stress and fatigue. I would get this urge to leave everything and simply go somewhere else. I felt the need for a change.

The very first consultation had already given me new ideas and helped me form new relationships. As if in silent agreement, everyone around me started offering to cooperate with me. My work efficiency increased, my health condition and mood improved. I felt as if everything was being resolved with no effort on my part. I changed the direction of my professional activities and my income increased. The outcome of my tax-related problems turned out to be favorable. I had a business meeting I was preparing for that I was quite stressed about. Yet, upon arrival, I did not have to provide any documents or explanations. Instead, I was immediately offered favorable solutions, even though I had barely uttered a word and could only observe how everything was falling in places on its own.

The property-related matter was solved as well: I purchased what I wanted under most favorable conditions. I will not hide how highly impressed and surprised I am by the results of the consultations. I constantly keep in touch with my consultant.

Valentina Shifrin (Lithuania)

Thank you for what you’re doing, my compliments! You’ve created very useful platform for people, who wants to live a better life. Good luck!

Vilma (Norway)

There was tension at home that I could simply no longer bear as time passed by. I contacted Ilma with the question how to improve my family relations. During the consultation, we analyzed and investigated various situations which showed me why things were the way they were.

I received useful information and pieces of advice which helped me resolve the situation at home. If any problems arise again, I know why they occur and can take the necessary measures to eliminate them. I am most happy with the consultations. Thank you, dear Ilma, for all the knowledge you have given me.

Zhana Luchnikova (Russia), lawyer, entrepreneur

It seems there was only a few interviews, but at once such an avalanche of events and news appeared! Change of my living place (other country), own house purchased through an incredibly short period of time (a few months). New business (consulting services). A new heart-warming phase of relationship with my husband, as if a new page turned after 19 years of marriage. Skillfully transferred skill to merge and harmonize self-realization, business and family is simply invaluable. So much information and experiences! What can I say – I feel safe, satisfied with life and myself, and happy like never before. I think it is especially important for a woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I remember, and will always remember who has helped me to realize my dreams.