I am most content with the consultations and I am certainly going to recommend them to others. I was very impressed with the honesty, responsibility, reliability and detailed analysis skills of my consultant. Those several consultations via Skype completely changed my attitude towards life events and helped me see things from a different angle. The matter regarding which I contacted Ilma was related to property and business. For 15 long years, I have been troubled by never ending court procedures and repeated unpleasant events. Nothing I did helped me resolve the situation. I was on the brink thinking there was no hope left. Yet, the very first consultation finally gave me the answer to what was influencing my misfortunes and what the underlying reasons for such bad luck were. I frequently fixated on the word ‘victory’ as a ‘harbinger’ of certain future events. As if a confirmation, I had a completely unplanned and significant meeting with gold medal winners, female champions and participants of London Summer Championship. A week later, I had already had the exclusive opportunity to talk about my personal concerns to the most influential man in the country – the president.

Klara Duisengalijeva, Kazakhstan

I can give only the best evaluation. I have also recommended my consultant to a close friend. My high regard was heavily influenced by the honest interest of my consultant in me and my problems. I have always (during and in between the consultations) felt her care and support. After the consultations I received a lot of additional recommendations and information on the matter. I noticed that all consultations were given in a timely manner which was a very important ‘technicality’ for me. My consultant focused on the deeper analysis of the matter at hand and consistent work. During the entire process, I have always had this feeling: “I am taken care of!”
The matter that I wished to discuss was related the relationship between man and woman. I realized that I was ‘stuck’ at some sort of a detrimental level and I could not accomplish anything. During the consultations I came to understand and admit that I needed this and started working on it. My condition and feelings changed instantly. I found lots of time for my personal life. I rediscovered the joy of life which manifested in radical changes in my fashion style. I felt the attention of my friends and family. I met a man. This connection allowed me to understand what I needed and what I was looking for in a relationship. The main stereotype that I managed to eliminate was the idea that the solution of this problem required attention and time. I used to think that everything should resolve itself on its own accord or, if to be more precise, I did not think of it at all. Later, I contacted my consultant again regarding my health. I wish to once again extend my deepest gratitude for her help, support and participation in my life! I will always remember this. Thank you!

Tatjana Veinberg, Russia


I have only the highest appraisal of Ilma and I recommend her consultations to everyone I know. Such high regard was brought on by the significant improvement of my physical health and emotional state of mind, the coming true of my wish and forecast of future events. I contacted Ilma with several inquiries. I was stressed out and anxious about my future. I was afraid that when I reached the age of retirement, I would lack the financial resources to provide for my little daughter and bring her up properly. I was also concerned with property-related matters. For the longest time, I had been unable to sell my house and change my accommodation to a better one or to save up some money. I was plagued by stressed relationship with my husband and troubles at work where I was being deliberately undermined. During the consultation, I felt a sudden change – my fears disappeared and were replaced by joyful calmness and belief in the future. Soon after, I sold my house and purchased a wonderful apartment which exceeded all my expectations and wishes. Unexpectedly, I received recognition at work for my accomplishments and was elected the best employee of the year. My salary was raised and I received a free trip to Paris. I could hardly believe my luck. The consultations changed me as a person – I became calmer and started smiling more. I finally got a taste of true life while previously I had hit rock bottom and had wept throughout my entire first consultation. The woman in me rose up and I started paying more attention to myself. Consequently, my appearance underwent a complete transformation and I received compliments which felt wonderful as I had already forgotten what it was like to be appreciated.
Time and again, I review Ilma’s consultations in my mind and my notes. I have received and been given so much that I have yet to contemplate on everything and follow through all the recommendations. Thank you once again for your invaluable help!

Jelena Shcherbakova, Russia 

I contacted Ilma with questions about my health. I was overweight and felt constant fatigue along with lack of energy. I wanted to learn the reasons to my problems for I believed to have paid sufficient attention to them and attempted to find solutions by myself, yet, I was met with failure. However, the first consultation with Ilma brought me the answers to all my “whys” and cleared up the underlying causes of my troubles. I immediately felt better. More than that, I was relieved. At the same time, I received useful and work-related financial recommendations.

Andrey Golubev, Canada

I was bothered by my career. I was a practicing psychotherapist, however, I had been lately troubled by various questions. Was this truly ‘my’ field? Do I wish to continue my career in this direction? Do I need this at all? As a psychologist, I was often faced with the traumas of my clients, their harsh life experiences. I would involve myself in their lives and had difficulties separating their lives from my own. After talking to Ilma, I managed to realize that despite the long years of studies and all the money spent on my education, this field was not meant for me. I also succeeded in discovering the true reasons of why I took on psychology, what pushed me into this field and these studies and what it was related to. It was all so very unexpected but it hit the bull’s eye, and the need to delve into the field of psychology simply vanished. I no longer practice psychotherapy. Sadly, I cannot recall all the details, however, I remember feeling a huge rush of energy and power. I felt as if I have suddenly grown wings. At first, my reaction was the stereotypical one. “It must be the vitamins,” I told myself. But then I realized I had been taking the same vitamins for years and had never felt anything of the sort. I felt as if I could finally ‘see’. I was able to understand what was happening to me and to others. It was a sort of ‘clairvoyance’, a completely different level of perception. All this time I felt joy of life and satisfaction. People surrounding me complimented me and told me I was simply radiating positive feelings and light.

Asta, Lithuania

I am greatly satisfied with the consultations and the knowledge I had gained from seminars. I am happy to have finally eradicated the fears that have suppressed me for four years (these fears were related to my daughter). I feel calm, balanced, lightweight and free. This is not a temporary effect. A few consultations was all it took for me to realize that I had stopped reacting to the four-year-long issues. I had ceased thinking of it at all as if someone had deleted this information from my memory, as if it had never happened and was not my concern at all. I remember pondering at one time, “What was I thinking of? I could have contacted her with some other more important concern”. In other words, my fears vanished ‘somewhere’ without so much as a trace. I was also overjoyed by a ‘side-effect’ of my consultations – my husband quit smoking.

Later, I had questions regarding improvement of my financial situation and I also wished to change my job. At that time, I suddenly received a monetary gift and before long I had a new job with better working conditions. I managed to rediscover myself and to rebuff the plans and wishes pushed upon me by others. I stopped comparing myself to others or trying to be like them. Yet, the most unexpected was the coming true of my deepest wish. For my entire life, I have dreamed of working in a laboratory and was finally gifted with such a possibility. It was simply unbelievable! I even got slightly scared for everything was turning out to be so perfect that it was most unusual, especially because I had hardly done anything special to achieve it.

Jurgita, Norway

I contacted Ilma regarding health problems. After the consultations, my condition is constantly improving. The sharp pain I had always felt seems to have decreased significantly. I can now take care of my family and do all the household chores that I was unable to perform previously.
Life itself seemed to be alight in new colors for me and I underwent many changes for the better. In addition to my improved physical condition, my approach towards many things was also transformed. My thoughts changed and I stopped getting angry at myself or creating unrealistic scenarios in my own mind. I was overcome with peace and learned to regard many things in a simpler and less stressful way. I am glad to have managed to reduce the number of unrealistic and unachievable illusions and wishes. I feel more positive towards myself and others. My self-confidence keeps growing as does the love for myself. Consequently, my relationship with my family and relative improved. My life got all the more brighter and delightful.
For all of this, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ilma Jalnionienė.

Eglė, Norway

I was interested in how to increase my income. The outcome was most satisfying as my financial situation got better before long. I received an unexpected monetary gift. I became more noticeable and received a lot of attention and support from surrounding people which continues to make me happy even now. Later on, I was concerned about changing my profession and finding a well paid job. I was unable to achieve any results on my own. Hence, I once more contacted Ilma for assistance and my wishes came true again.
The most interesting tidbit was that the help and knowledge gained during the consultations also affected the health of a very dear person to me, who was afflicted with a genetic disorder. Such a change was most unexpected. There were also other cardinal changes in my life that left me most happy. I am fully aware who is responsible for these changes. I had previously realized that no matter how much endeavor I put into trying to move forward, I was unable to leave that state of stagnation. And there, all of a sudden, a huge breakthrough (a new domicile, a new job with considerably higher income, new relationships, etc.) and all this seemingly with no input on my part. I am most content to have found and eliminated all the underlying causes to my problems. My life is full of new happenings and they are much more favorable than before. I feel as if I have returned to life and I have no idea how I have managed to get astray… I am keen on learning and further improving myself. Thank you, dear Ilma, for your assistance.

Aušra, Norway

I am deeply grateful for the consultations which astonishingly helped me gain self-confidence and trust in my own power. This is not some sort of a temporary suggestion trick. I can finally put trust in myself. Now I lead my life without leaning on anybody else or addressing them with requests and questions. I decide all household matters on my own and everything turns out so much better than before. Finally, I have felt the taste and power of self-sufficiency. I can live however I want and it gives me satisfaction to do so. Earlier, I was afraid of relaying only on myself, I did not know how to do it and was wary of failure. But now I feel as if I have ‘risen from my knees’, stood up and stretched out to my full height… I have felt the quality of life and the comfort of not relying upon others.
A huge THANK YOU goes to Ilma for her care, help and support in the most difficult time of my life!

Jelena, Russia

There was tension at home that I could simply no longer bear as time passed by. I contacted Ilma with the question how to improve my family relations. During the consultation, we analyzed and investigated various situations which showed me why things were the way they were.
I received useful information and pieces of advice which helped me resolve the situation at home. If any problems arise again, I know why they occur and can take the necessary measures to eliminate them. I am most happy with the consultations. Thank you, dear Ilma, for all the knowledge you have given me.

Terje, Norway

I was literally blown away by the fact that the consultations required me to do nothing else but sit at my computer (the consultations were given via Skype) and reply to the questions of my consultant while everything else was settling on their own accord. I kept thinking – how was this possible?! It was hardly believable and a completely new experience to me. I had no idea it was possible. I contacted Ilma regarding my wish to purchase real estate in the suburbs asking her why I was failing for so long. I was tired of thinking of these problems of mine. I had never expected for everything to turn the way they did during the consultations. It was as if something changed me and even my aspirations. I am happy to have discovered what influenced my wish and whence it came on time. The consultations helped me realize that I had little skill in planning and seeking my goals or executing those plans. I also lacked discipline and the sense of responsibility, even though my ambitions were huge. I became more responsible and started paying the bills in a timely manner as well as reducing my expenses (my weakest spot). Along with the discovery of the causes of my misfortunes, my wish to buy a house in the suburbs simply vanished as I realized it was someone else’s dream that I had taken as my own. Soon after, I purchased a car I had long dreamed of and, most importantly, I did without any loans, credits or losses or damage to my savings. I sold my old car to an insurance company after an accident at a very appealing price. The insurance company covered all the damages of the accident and proposed a favorable deal for buying the car. I could have never dreamed of such a thing happening for at that time my insurance was no longer valid! It was pure miracle!

Marianne Sjøberg, Norway

At the time when I contacted the consultant, I was planning to take on a project with direct impact on my career. I was unable to make the decision on whether or not to do it. I was stressed out because I was unable to gather a team and there were but a few days left till the deadline for application submission… Talking to my consultant on the matter changed everything. The next day, I was able to reach everyone I needed. Moreover, a colleague of mine invited a friend to join our project and he was the specialist we could not do without, yet were unable to find. I was impressed. Throughout the entire team of conversing with my consultant, I felt a significant increase in efficiency. I performed all the work with the greatest pleasure and things seemed to resolve with no special effort on my part. I felt a new order of things in my mindscape and my thinking was as clear as never before. The project was successfully finished and submitted on time.

Per Halvard, Norway