the art of creating life
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Personal self-realization strategies

life therapy

your current situation

We will find out, what you really want, how to attract material success and how to get more comfortable with your body.

life constructing

let’s create the life you crave

We will unpack your talents, experience and unique voice that will attract  the right people and income for your.

My philosophy and tools 

your guide in wonderland

Everything starts from “I want”. What do you want?

Regardless of physiology, social and financial status in life, we want only one thing in life – pleasure. A happy script is successful personal fulfillment and accomplishment of desires.

Relying on many years of practice I can safely assert that it is possible to combine that cannot be combined: to live with comfort and meaning. Let’s get acquainted.


the keys to mastery

Problems can be solved, wishes are fulfilled

You shouldn’t give up your happiness just because there are difficulties. I’m here to help you.

Consulting studio and educational platform of the meaning and aesthetics of everyday life.

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