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Each person has its own natural tasks and functions that only he can perform, because he has those abilities and resources that others do not have. The things one person can do, cannot be repeated by others, the way one person lives, feels, thinks, cannot be followed by others.

The development and implementation of natural resources determine the level of a person’s value system, his sexual priorities, behavior and adaptation in society, in a couple, relationships with oneself — all his “I want”, “I can”, “I should”.

where the happiness hides

Everyone perceives and lives happiness in his own way. It depends on the natural desires needed to be realized. Everyone wants love, health, money, but realizes these desires in different ways, hiding in the subconscious. Therefore, the greatest effect is not given with short-term seminars, reading popular books or tasting Internet resources. Only professional individual work allows you to see the invisible.


The main result of working with me: more events and their better quality than before our consultations.

I will teach you how to interact with people at work and in your personal life, avoiding negative impact on you and your life.

You will learn why certain events happen or don’t happen to you, why they happen at a particular moment and to you.

I will give you some tools for self-supporting success in all areas of life.

I will help you to create a lifestyle, individual style, personal and working space, to be realized through your favorite business, according to your individual, natural features, desired events and comprehensible goals.



Consultations are available via Skype (online).

60-minute 1:1 session (just for once) or 4 sessions per month x 3 months.

My practice is based on science, psychology, eco-friendly innovative technologies, spiritual knowledge and action-directed methods that will help you achieve quick and desired changes and visible long-term results.

want to work with me?

I inspire people and they love to work with me. My work helps to get more freedom and self-expression, and I receive a lot of attention and praise from my clients for this.

  it’s time to live

Stop waiting, postponing, hiding. If you’re willing to ask for what you want…
Doors open. Lives change.