savour and engage your life

10 shades of your comfort.

I know from my experience that seminars and webinars are attended by very different audience. A wide range of expectations, needs, training and unpredictable effect.  

I realized quite quickly that talking to everyone and about everything is useless. I like to work with a particular person or a small group, feel feedback, see efforts and results. So all my attention was directed to individual work.

it’s useful for you

if you are afraid to make a mistake, to be ridiculed, condemned, not good enough. If you are suffering from envy, comparing with others. If you are tired of doubts, your limiting thoughts that you will not be lucky, you will not succeed, you are not gifted. You feel a lack of energy, inexplicable psychosomatic misunderstandings. Certain situations are constantly repeated with different people and circumstances. In your head there are a lot of different thoughts, plans and desires, but you do not know where to start.


The ode to the body: how to create your comfort zone and enjoy life.

Me and money: how to achieve material well-being and financial freedom.

Purpose and mission — myths and reality. Self-realization through your favorite activity.

How to stand out from other authors, entrepreneurs, to develop competitive advantage and earn through your favorite activity.

How to enjoy family happiness and harmonious relationships with your partner, children, parents.

Woman and man: illusion and reality, love and sex.

Victim syndrome: how to get rid of unnecessary ties, manipulations and strengthen self-confidence.

Ideology of love for yourself: how to create and preserve yourself. A creative, not a destructive egoism.

Successful emigration: how to survive and transform the fight for your place in the Sun into a full life.

Let your dream fly: how to quickly and effectively realize your desires, dreams, goals.

you will be able

To feel real changes. Move away from the dead point and enjoy life. Know yourself, your desires and the reasons for their origins. Find out why you learn a lot, improve, but there are no results and the previous methods do not work. Learn to achieve success without wasting time, health, money. Stop hiding, become free from stereotypes, gain confidence, freedom and pleasure of self-expression. Get professional support.


My online programs are a combination of video, audio classes you can do from anywhere in the world and private coaching.

Get 9 – 12 video Master classes, 3 – 12 private coaching calls, workbooks (a PDF version) and email support for 3 – 6 months (it depends on the type of program).

This is not a workshop for dreamers or inspiration. It is a workshop of results with professional navigation. This is an absolutely new level and it is achievable. It is up to you whether to reach it or not.

Choose the topic you are interested in and register for individual work with me. If you do not know what you want, where to start, order an individual consultation and we will decide it together.

  it’s time to live

Stop waiting, postponing, hiding. If you’re willing to ask for what you want…
Doors open. Lives change.